Merchant & Associates Ltd delivers a broad range of services from early technical advice, schematic designs to detailed structural drawings and reports. No two buildings are the same and therefore every project demands specific solutions whilst complying with all Building Regulations and industry standards. We offer technical assistance to our clients in successfully availing all necessary approvals from Building Control authorities.

We Offer

Carrying out structural site survey/investigations, Drawings, preliminary sketches and/or provide reports in support of planning applications.

Feasibility studies reviewing structural requirements. Advice the client and architect with design considerations and buildability to reach key decisions about their project.

Structural calculations & drawings including reinforcement detailing and steel connection details.

Engineer’ s reports relating to underpinning defects, cracking and movement that have become apparent to a homeowner for instance roof sagging, floor deflection or distortion, leaning wall or cracks in wall

Structural report for homebuyers

Structural advice on party wall award and building related on insurance claims

Working closely with other consultants i.e. architects, party wall surveyors alongside building contractors and ground investigation specialist.